The TIGRET SP. Z O. O. company operates in a widely understood area of environmental protection, safety of pharmaceutical products and food.

Its activities include manufacturing of electronic olfactometry systems, distribution of field olfactometers, and taking field measurements of nuisance odors.

We supply also bioindication measuring systems and diagnostic tests for evaluating environmental toxicity, conducting tests in the pre-clinical stage, and performing microbiological monitoring of food quality.

We cooperate with world leaders in specific areas, and supply top-quality products.

We identify ourselves with the products we supply. Together with our suppliers, we provide support to our Customers in each phase of co-operation.

TIGRET SP. Z O. O. acts in accordance with the following rules:

  • We aim at continuous improvement of the services provided to our Customers;
  • We serve every Customer in a comprehensive manner to provide maximum comfort level;
  • We select and train our employees so that their skills enable offering up-to-date solutions adequate to our range of products;
  • We strive to meet the requirements of our Customers;
  • We define strictest quality requirements in the area of Customer service, in accordance with the expectations of our suppliers;
  • A proof of the quality of our market activities is the low number of submitted complaints concerning the quality of products and service.

The achievement of the set goals is guaranteed by acting in accordance with the presented Quality Policy of TIGRET SP. Z O.O.

Management Board of TIGRET SP. Z O.O.

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