Nasal Ranger

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Nasal Ranger® is a portable odor measuring device. It allows users to determine the level (strength) of odors in almost any location and condition. This powerful instrument is an innovative, easy-to-use alternative to the standard method of determining the odor strength. Using this instrument, responsible persons in industrial plants, environmental inspectors and neighbors are able to carry out complete odor monitoring, influence odor regulation, modify technology and document changes in the field. Nasal Ranger® goes far beyond traditional standard assessment methods, allowing easy measurement of odor strength in a specific location.

The Nasal Ranger® system includes:

4 filter cartridges, a nasal mask, a seal and a bag to store it, additional seals (5 pieces), isopropyl alcohol wipes (10 pieces), a barrel cleaning brush, a 9V battery, a shoulder strap and a carrying case.

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